Home Organization & Household Management

We’re the help you’ve been looking for in St. Louis! Let us know what’s on your to-do list and we’ll get it done, or help find and strategize with the people needed to complete the project. We are your personal assistant, household manager, interior designer & partner in getting things done.

 Hit the “Book Now” button below to let me know what you need, and we can determine the best plan of action for you!



1. Send me a message

Let me know what you need help with and I'll match you with the perfect personal assistant from my team! You'll have the opportunity to meet prior to make sure it's a good match for your family!

3. Begin service

Your household manager will be by your side to tackle home organization and small tasks like running errands or doing laundry! For large projects (like sourcing contractor bids for home upkeep or interior design) I'll be working with you directly.

2. Determine frequency

A few times a week, a month, or as needed. To complete a whole project in a day, see "Organize by Room" below.

4. Let's grow together!

This is the start of a wonderful new relationship! We will get to know your family and understand your habits, and can begin to anticipate needs and suggest improvements to keep things running smoothly.

Note: We are not house cleaners (scrubbing, use of cleaning chemicals etc.), but I can find & train one for your family!

Organize by


1. Book your consult

I'll discuss your needs and begin developing a plan to get your home where you want it to be.

3. Schedule service

We'll start with the highest priority projects & go from there! Once I receive your deposit, I'll fine-tune the plan and prepare my team.

2. Receive an estimate

We charge an hourly rate, and will determine approximately how long it will take by room.  For ongoing daily tasks, see above.

4. We'll take it from there!

We may need your input from time to time but otherwise we have it covered. All you have to do is enjoy the new space! 

Once the project is completed, I encourage you to schedule weekly maintenance with my team!